Multipliez vos chances de gagner au Loto!  
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Une autre façon de jouer au loto...  

Are you a playerotto? Then you are at the right place!

You are in a period of luck, and you feel that you will win all ...

Unfortunately you can not buy more than 3-4 cards for fear of not being able to track correctly and lose a part of your investisment.

Well Xlquine, loto is for you!

Xlquine, loto is a software that allows you to track up to 30 cards on standard parts and 30 cards on the royal.

Xlquine, loto is also available in demo version, ultralite version and in lite version( allows you to track respectively 1, 10 and 20 cards).


NouveauTake advantage of this promotion, and free demo versions (Free) allows you to monitor up to 6 cards.

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